About us

I am a qualified Technical Architect with a Masters in Governance for Sustainable Development and from a very young age one of my passions has always been painting.

After many years of professional dedication in different fields of the construction sector, the formal teaching in the public sector  as well as a freelance for different architectural firms and building companies, I have adquired a great learning experience working with great professionals. I have also gained a considerable knowledge and I supplemented this with different courses that have served me to open a significant range of possibilities in this sector and has finally encouraged me to start this project.

On the other hand, I have lived in several countries with different cultures where I have worked and have had the opportunity to develop different educational projects and training programs. They have allowed me to expand my knowledge and helped in my personal enrichment.

We offer a personalized work if the client requires. Making their own unique designs and adapting them to their own style.
The projects have been designed to decorate and revitalize internal and external areas. And they can be made and executed in the work itself.

We have availability to move anywhere if the conditions are plausible.



After a long period in the construction sector I have gained a great experience ; applying all these specific techniques for this type of work developed at this time.

Before embarking on this adventure I have used my own housing, family and friends as a laboratory to perform different jobs; as performing stucco, paintings high decoration; fragmented murals in trencadís or tile; placement of pavement and vertical divisions with buckler and combining concrete with glass.

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